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GEI. Greek Economic Inscriptions (online)

Donatella Erdas    Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa    

Anna Magnetto    Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa    



In recent years the attention of modern scholars to ancient Greek economy has received impetus from a series of newly published documents of undisputed significance. The results have been a deeply renewed examination of consolidated theoretical positions, and a detailed analysis of specific aspects of the economic life of the polis. Within this framework the GEI project aims at providing an online collection of epigraphic documents related to the economy of ancient Greece. Some of these documents, already known or newly discovered, have never been collected in a selection of this kind. The project covers a period from the archaic age to 1st century BC. The selected texts are representative of the different areas of ancient Greek economy, and are marked-up using the EpiDoc encoding conventions. For each document all technical information has been provided along with existing critical editions, bibliography, a critical apparatus, an English translation and a commentary.

23 Dicembre 2019
09 Ottobre 2019
10 Settembre 2019

Keywords: EpiDoc encoding systemEconomy of ancient GreeceDigital epigraphic databaseGreek indexesGreek epigraphy

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