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Il poeta e la Gazzetta

D’Annunzio nello sguardo della classe dirigente veneziana

Giovanni Sbordone    Iveser    



For several years d’Annunzio plays an outstanding role in the cultural and political redefinition of Venice ruling classes. Whether from literary works or personal exploits, his success is mainly due to ideological messages and fanciful personality; so, at least from the first performance of La nave in 1908, the poet’s flag is hoisted by local nationalist movement and rising economic powers aiming to extend, in the name of a ‘Greater Venice’, italian influence on Adriatic Sea and Balcanic area. Later, during the 1915-18 war, his aerial and naval raids, mainly based in Venice, transform the prophet of the city’s warrior destinies in a hero himself – masterly mixing war of words and real military actions – and give him an unprecedented mediatic appeal. But the apex of his patriotic popularity comes with the post-war slavofobic campaign for venetiannes/italiannes of Istria and Dalmatia and, of course, with the Fiume expedition. The Gazzetta di Venezia, historical newspaper of city establishment, not only faithfully records d’Annunzio’s parable from Venice point of view, but often takes part in it.

31 Ottobre 2015
12 Luglio 2016
04 Settembre 2015

Keywords: Venice ruling classesD’Annunzio caricaturesGazzetta di VeneziaGino DameriniSior Tonin BonagraziaNationalismGiuseppe Volpi

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