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Capitolo | On Aldus’ Scriptores astronomici (1499)

On Aldus’ Scriptores astronomici (1499)


The Scriptores astronomici veteres were published by Aldus Manutius in Venice 1499. This book represents the most ambitious humanist attempt to reconstruct ancient astronomical wisdom by presenting the original texts of ancient authors. As such, the volume raises several questions. What is the rationale of Aldus’ selection? What do we know about his manuscript sources and the editorial process? What is the history of the incunable's remarkable illustrations (most notably those in Firmicus’ books 2 and 6, and in Germanicus’ Aratea)? How does this edition fit into one of the most difficult periods of Aldus’ Venetian enterprise? This paper attempts to tackle some of these issues.

Open access | Peer reviewed

Presentato: 13 Gennaio 2017 | Accettato: 31 Marzo 2017 | Pubblicato 01 Settembre 2017 | Lingua: en

Keywords Editorial TechniqueBook IllustrationItalian HumanismIncunablesIlluminationManuscriptsAldine PressAstronomyClassical Tradition

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