LiVVaL. Linguaggio e Variazione | Variation in Language

Collana | LiVVaL. Linguaggio e Variazione | Variation in Language
Monografia | Rappresentazioni di genere nel linguaggio dei TG italiani
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This book is a study on gender representations in the language of the Italian TV news, adopting an interdisciplinary approach that integrates linguistic analysis with media analysis. The first part provides an overview of the theoretical and research framework on ‘language and gender’ and ‘media and gender’, with a brief presentation of the international theoretical models and an annotated review of the state of the art at a national level. Convergence and shared notions in the common perspective of ‘gender’ will be highlighted across the two fields. The second part features a corpus-driven analysis of the female and male representations in the Italian TV news, which explores both the gender-based variations in the speech of the sources of the news and the thematization of women and men in news content. The results show a complex picture: the Italian news language still actively spreads stereotypical representations, yet it also indicates signs of innovation compared to the past. In particular, the findings show that a more gender-aware news language conveys representations more gender-fair.  

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Presentato: 28 Ottobre 2022 | Accettato: 02 Maggio 2023 | Pubblicato 16 Ottobre 2023 | Lingua: it

Keywords Television news Gender stereotypes Corpus analysis Language Gender representations

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