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Proceedings of the Plenary Sessions

The 24th International Congress of Byzantine Studies

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Emiliano Fiori    Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia, Italia    

Michele Trizio    Università degli Studi di Bari «Aldo Moro», Italia    



The present volume collects most of the contributions to the plenary sessions held at the 24th International Congress of Byzantine Studies, and incisively reflects the ever increasing broadening of the very concept of ‘Byzantine Studies’. Indeed, a particularly salient characteristic of the papers presented here is their strong focus on interdisciplinarity and their breadth of scope, both in terms of methodology and content. The cross-pollination between different fields of Byzantine Studies is also a major point of the volume. Archaeology and art history have pride of place; it is especially in archaeological papers that one can grasp the vital importance of the interaction with the so-called hard sciences and with new technologies for contemporary research. This relevance of science and technology for archaeology, however, also applies to, and have significant repercussions in, historical studies, where – for example – the study of climate change or the application of specific software to network studies are producing a major renewal of knowledge. In more traditional subject fields, like literary, political, and intellectual history, the contributions to the present volume offer some important reflections on the connection between Byzantium and other cultures and peoples through the intermediary of texts, stories, diplomacy, trade, and war.

22 Agosto 2022
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Antonio Rigo   
22 Agosto 2022
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Section 1. Patrimoines
Jannic Durand    Catherine Jolivet-Lévy   
22 Agosto 2022
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Un progetto per la conoscenza di un patrimonio artistico disseminato
Antonio Iacobini   
22 Agosto 2022
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Section 2. Linking Fields, Approaches, and Methods
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A Sacred-Landscapes and Digital-Humanities Approach
Athanasios Vionis   
22 Agosto 2022
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The Impact of Contemporary Environmental and Demographic Changes on the Research of the Historical Geography of Byzantium
Mihailo St. Popović   
22 Agosto 2022
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The Land and the Sea in Rough Cilicia
Günder Varinlioğlu   
22 Agosto 2022
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Reinvigorating Theory and Practice as an Opportunity for Byzantine Studies
Myrto Veikou   
22 Agosto 2022
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Section 3. Textual Exchanges
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From the Caucasus to Canterbury
Jonathan Shepard   
22 Agosto 2022
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Section 4. Continuity and Break: From Ancient to Medieval Worlds
Zeliha Demirel-Gökalp    Nikos Tsivikis   
22 Agosto 2022
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Albrecht Berger   
22 Agosto 2022
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Section 5. Social, Cultural, and Material Networks
Michel Kaplan   
22 Agosto 2022
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Entangling and Dis-Entangling the Networks of the Roman Empire of the East in the Early Medieval World, Fourth-Ninth Century CE
Johannes Preiser-Kapeller   
22 Agosto 2022
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The Case of Byzantine-Islamic Commerce in the Early Middle Ages
Koray Durak   
22 Agosto 2022
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New Light on Chalcis (Euripos/Negroponte) as a Centre of Production and Trade in Greece
Joanita Vroom   
22 Agosto 2022
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Section 6. Byzantium and the Turks
Transformation, Frontiers, Diplomacy, and Interaction, Eleventh to Twelfth Centuries
Alexander Beihammer   
22 Agosto 2022
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Buket Kitapçi Bayri   
22 Agosto 2022
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