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L’attesa della signora

Le filatrici sulla situla della tomba 244 di Montebelluna


The article examines the figurative situla found in tomb 244 of the necropolis of Montebelluna-Posmon (TV - Italy), one of the most recent discoveries of Situla Art, datable to the end of the VI century BC. The study focuses above all on the spinning scene which presents a unique subject for Situla Art and very rare in European protohistory: a pregnant woman. This scene allows us to shed light on the meaning of the entire story which, in the hypothesis, expresses, through the respective signs of power, the areas of competence of the two fundamental components – husband and wife – of a high-ranking family of the Venetians of the foothills band.

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Pubblicato 16 Dicembre 2019 | Lingua: it

Keywords SpinningLineageSitula ArtIron AgeMaternity

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