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Un caucasologo russo nella Georgia post-rivoluzionaria

Pensiero e opere di M.A. Polievktov

Daniele Artoni    Università di Verona    



This study explores the life and scientific production of M.A. Polievktov, a Russian historian who lived and worked in post-revolutionary Georgia. His research focused on the historical relations between Russia and the Caucasus, especially those who led to the conquest of the Caucasus in the 19th century, and on the European travellers who visited the Caucasus. Analysis held on his autobiography, his publications, and his manuscripts will lead to trace a neater profile of his personality and his status of Russian historian living in the Georgian RSS.

keywords: Polievktov. Caucasian history. Georgia-Russia relations. Travellers in the Caucasus

Lingua: it

Submitted: 21 Maggio 2018
Accepted: 21 Giugno 2018
Published: 15 Novembre 2018
permalink: http://doi.org/10.30687/978-88-6969-279-6/007

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