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La novela gráfica española y la memoria recuperada

Ruben Varillas    Independent researcher    



When the Spanish Civil War was over, the dictatorship led by General Franco started, throughout most of Spain, an intense campaign of persecution and murder against oppositional voices and excombatants from the Civil War aligned with the defeated side. In 2007, the Spanish Parliament passed the Law of Historical Memory with the aim of compensating the victims of Fascism during Franco’s regime. Even though the final reach of the law was as limited as its implementation, the spirit of this failed political process has remained active in different personal artistic projects. To understand this phenomenon, it will be necessary to take a journey through the Spanish post-war comics which somehow showed the consequences of the conflict on those who were defeated in the War. At that point, it will be clear how the topic of the Historical Memory has come to form part of the rising popularity of the graphic novel due in part to works like El arte de volar, Los surcos del azar or Un médico novato.  

07 Settembre 2016