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The Chapter Titles in Xiyou ji and Honglou meng

Continuity and Discontinuity

Nicholas Koss    Beijing University, China    



This essay will first study the chapter titles in the early chapters of Xiyou ji 西遊記 (The Journey to the West), which will be followed by an examination of the chapter titles in the first eighty chapters of Honglou meng 紅樓夢 (Dream of the Red Chamber). The purpose of this study will be to show the continuity and discontinuity of the chapter titles in the final version of Xiyou ji (1592) with those in the first printed edition of Honglou meng (1791). The final part of this essay will relate some of the ideas of Gérard Genette about titles and chapter titles to the chapter titles in Honglou meng.

keywords: Xiyou ji. The Journey to the West. Honglou meng. The Dream of the Red Chamber. Gérard Genette.  

Lingua: it

Presentato: 16 Luglio 2016   Pubblicato: 29 Settembre 2016  
permalink: http://doi.org/10.14277/6969-095-2/SV-3-8

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