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La comunità e il suo paesaggio: l’azione degli ecomusei per lo sviluppo sostenibile 

Le iniziative di salvaguardia del paesaggio biellese 

Claudia Da Re    Dottorato di ricerca Heritechs – Paris Pantheon    

Mirco Santi    Università degli Studi di Udine    



The European Landscape Convention is the first legal instrument concerning directly the landscape theme and its quality in a supranational way. The Convention's innovating element regards the recognition of the landscape as a common heritage. The Convention establishes that every citizen has the right and the duty to participate in the landscape’s safeguard. For almost twenty years, there has been a particular kind of museums for which landscape is the key factor. Ecomuseums respond to the need to implement conscious behaviour of land use. The work of eco- museums for the safeguarding of the landscape will be illustrated. The purpose is to demonstrate how these structures work under the principles expressed by the European Landscape Convention. 


Keywords: Cultural sustainabilityParticipationLandscapeEcomuseums

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