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Italian-Spanish Film Connections During the Silent Era of Film

The Professional Career as a Clue: The Case of Raimundo Minguella (1876-1951)

Begoña Soto-Vázquez    Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid    



Investigating entrepreneurs’ careers is a method little used in the history of Spanish cinema. Using primary sources such as the professional accounts of film agents, businessmen, producers, etc. can give an idea of what the film industry was like at the beginning of the twentieth century. The trajectory of a single entrepreneur does not allow us to generalise hypotheses, but it does allow us to reconstruct a context. This is what we do with the Catalan representative and producer Raimundo Minguella: with data from his career between Italy and Spain we approach the reality of the relations between film industries as close, but also distant as those of Spain and Italy were during the silent movie period.

Dec. 16, 2022
Nov. 22, 2022
March 22, 2022

Keywords: Cine mudo italianoSilent cinemaItalian silent cinemaCinema distributionDistribución cinematográficaFilm co-productionHistory of Spanish cinemaBiographyHistoria del cine españolCine mudoCoproducción cinematográficaBiografía

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