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Reform der Weltkirche durch Reform der theologischen Studien

Die Apostolische Konstitution Deus scientiarum Dominus Papst Pius‘ XI.

Klaus Unterburger    Universität-Regensburg, Deutschland    



For the first time in the history of the Church, in the Apostolic Constitution Deus scientiarum Dominus Pope Pius XI dealt with subjects such as Theology, Philosophy and Canon Law in Catholic Faculties. The essay focuses on the reasons, the plans and the hopes conveyed by this project and the limits of the resolutions taken inside the Commission of the Congregation of Studies. Besides, a short mention of the historical influence in the composition of the Constitution’s text will be made. Key features were the argue between the Neo-Scholastic theological conception and the historical orientation of German Universities’ model, the problem of the uniformity or plurality in Theology and the hope to be able to apply a ‘romanization’ of the bishopric and the Catholic world through the ‘romanization’ of Theology.


Keywords: Pius XIDeus scientiarum Dominus

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