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Alcune riflessioni sul restauro in Albania attraverso il caso studio dell’hāmām di Delvina

Maria Cristina Giambruno    Politecnico di Milano, Italia    

Sonia Pistidda    Politecnico di Milano, Italia    



Albania has a long tradition in the field of preservation of cultural heritage with a wellstructured legislative system and a broad view of the concept of ‘monument’. Despite this, the intervention on this heritage still suffers from different kinds of problems that influence works and outcomes related to the application of the law, to the training of technicians and specialized companies and to the lack of protocols in the definition of projects. Albanian heritage is varied and diversified: beside well known and recognized monuments, there is a rich and widespread heritage, more vulnerable because of its non-exceptional character and endangered by the rapid modernization processes on going. The cultural heritage is subjected to a constant transformation process: the documentation requires a continuous update and a programme of maintenance carefully planned. In this scenario, the conservation project of the hāmām in Delvina, financed by the programme Albania Tomorrow, is presented as interesting example of the difficulties of restoration in Albania.

July 13, 2016

Keywords: RestorationPreservation issuesCultural Heritage

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