LiVVaL. Variation in Language

     topic: languages and linguistics  
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Aims & Scope

The series aims to present studies on linguistic variation in a broad sense, from the micro-variation that is found among varieties and related dialects to the macro-variation that is the object of study of language universals. The series hosts contributions based on any theoretical or applied approach, suitable for defining research questions and giving qualitative or quantitative analyses to issues regarding the interactions among language modules (lexicon, syntax, semantics, pragmatics, phonology and morphology) and the linguistic attitudes of speakers and communities. Contributions may deal with typical aspects of multilingual situations (languages of immigration and heritage languages) or bilectalism (bilingualism with local, regional, national languages), provide analyses of single phenomena in the micro- or macro-comparative perspectives, study the complex variation of language and identity, diatopic variation and diachronic change in the languages of Europe. The series aims to be a reference point for the study of Italian and Italoromance varieties in the pan-Romance and pan-European perspectives. Proposals of monographs and collective volumes are accepted in Italian or English, other languages will be considered if strongly related to the topic of the contribution.