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Lavoro e diritto del lavoro alla prova della digitalizzazione

Valentina Cagnin    Assegnista di ricerca in Diritto del lavoro nell’Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia, Italia    



This article examines the effects of digitalization on labour, on the labour relationship and on the labour market. Starting from the description of smart work and platform work, the Author wants to investigate the labour law’s capacity to face new concepts, new labour contracts and new dimensions of space and time and proposes a new paradigm for labour law to better face the digitalization’s effects: that of Sustainable Development.

16 Dicembre 2019

Keywords: Crowd-sourcingCrisisSustainable Development0Labour lawSelf-employmentLabour MarketGlobal Value ChainSmart workParadigmIndustry 4SubordinationGlobalizationGig-workersCrouwd-workingPlatform WorkDigitalization

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