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La Costituzione nel dialogo intergenerazionale. Un’introduzione

Elena Bindi    Professore ordinario di Istituzioni di diritto pubblico nell’Università di Siena, Italia    



The paper is a re-elaboration of the introductory report carried out from the Author to the seminar for the presentation of the Commentary on the Constitution edited by il Mulino held at the University of Siena. The paper aims to develop the topic of the Constitution and has the following objectives, in particular to analyze the intergenerational character of the Constitutional Charter and its values founding, also through the reference to the thought of Mario Bracci and Piero Calamandrei and the their contribution to the drafting of the Constitution, especially in the part relating to the Constitutional Court.

18 Giugno 2018

Keywords: Constitutional CourtConstitutionMario BracciPiero Calamandrei

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