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Articolo | Gerardo Diego, el poeta enamorado de Italia

Gerardo Diego, el poeta enamorado de Italia


Abstract In his book Homenaje italiano a Gerardo Diego, Gabriele Morelli recalls the diffusion of Spanish poetry in Italy in the first decades of the 20th century and in particular the favorable reception Gerardo Diego had. The poet, who made recurring trips to Italy, was also known for his work Poesía española. Antología 1915-1931 (1932), which served as a model not only for the anthologies of Spanish poetry by Bo, Macrì and Bodini, but also for those of contemporary Italian poetry. Diego's interest in Italian cities and their art is manifested in many of his compositions, but the article privileges the comparison of the Spaniard's sonnet "Insomnio" with Leopardi's idyll "La sera del dì di festa" on the basis of the common lunar theme, examining their mutual poetic mastery, but emphasizing the diversity of their existential condition.

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Presentato: 27 Settembre 2023 | Pubblicato 20 Dicembre 2023 | Lingua: es

Keywords PoesiaLeopardiItaliaGerardo Diego

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