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Così lontani, così vicini

Villani a teatro da Ruzante a Fumoso (primi appunti)

Anna Scannapieco    Università degli Studi di Padova, Italia    



The making of a first critical and commented edition of the theatrical works of the Rozzi congregation – based on the corpus of the congregation’s chief exponent, Salvestro Cartaio, called Il Fumoso – makes it possible to start exploring a so far neglected aspect of country-life plays. Indeed, it provides an innovative and essential contribution to an understanding of the ‘geography and history’ of 15th-century Italian theatre, especially its main production areas (namely, old Padua and Siena). The present study offers some preliminary reflections on the relationship between Ruzante and Il Fumoso: these playwrights are vastly different in terms of their socio-cultural background and artistic stature; yet, they are also very similar with regard to the innovativeness and complexity of their outlook on the ‘otherness’ of the countryside.

20 Dicembre 2017
07 Settembre 2017

Keywords: Angelo Beolco called ‘Ruzante’15th-century Italian theatreRozzi congregationSalvestro Cartaio called ‘Fumoso’

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