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Torino 1898-Parigi 1900

Carlo Ceppi, Costantino Gilodi e Giacomo Salvadori tra tradizione e innovazione

Federica Stella    Politecnico di Torino, Italia    

Annalisa Dameri    Politecnico di Torino, Italia    



The last years of the 19th century in Turin are marked by the project of the General Italian Exhibition of 1898, whose coordination is entrusted to Ceppi, Gilodi and Salvadori. The closure of this Exhibition however does not terminate their experience in designing exposition spaces: in a sort of passing of the baton, some of the Turin pavilions, before being demolished, housed the laboratories where the pavilion, intended to represent Italy in Paris in 1900, was prefabricated. The Italian pavilion for the French exhibition was highly innovative; new materials and solutions make the project an iconic example of contemporary architectural culture and industrialization of the construction site. One of the highlights is the re-elaboration of Venetian Gothic, a fine example of Ceppi’s ability to master and combine stylistic codes of the past and modern innovative techniques.

31 Luglio 2017
05 Maggio 2017
13 Febbraio 2017

Keywords: ExhibitionCostantino GilodiGiacomo SalvadoriCarlo Ceppi

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