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Le néo-Renaissance en France et la Haute Banque

Habiter et collectionner entre les années 1830 et 1880

Antonio Brucculeri    Ecole nationale supérieure d'architecture Paris-Val de Seine, France    



Spanning the years from the July Monarchy to the threshold of the Third Republic, this article focuses on the links between the rediscovery of the concept and figures of the residence of the nobility in the age of the Renaissance (house, palace, villa, castle) and its reflection on the program of houses for bankers in France. The case of bankers in Paris is taken as an example in connection both with the Beaux-Arts culture of the architects who designed the projects and with the new wave of art object collection which developed in the same period in France.

27 Luglio 2016

Keywords: Art collectingFranceBankersArchitectsNeo-RenaissanceResidences

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