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Fascicolo monografico | 4 | 1 | 2023
Articolo | Public History e Metadata

Public History e Metadata

The dematerialisation of information and the development of Information Systems combined with the use of flexible metadata standards enable a new accessibility for the sources. Matching this new accessibility with the bottom-up historiographic production promoted by Public History enables the development of new forms of history teaching and the generation of information objects through participatory metadata creation with a community of reference. Through the analysis of three different cases, this article brings out the importance of metadata for the organisation, archiving and use of historical sources in a Public History perspective.

Open access | Peer reviewed

Presentato: 28 Febbraio 2023 | Accettato: 30 Maggio 2023 | Pubblicato: 02 Agosto 2023 | Lingua: it

Keywords History didactics Metadata Information objects Public history Digital archives Information systems

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