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APl 62-63 Allegedly on an Equestrian Statue for Justinian

Arianna Gullo    Newcastle University    



This article treats two anonymous epigrams (APl 62-3) preserved in the so-called Anthologia Planudea which, according to the lemma, were both inscribed on the same equestrian statue of the emperor Justinian I placed in the Hippodrome of Constantinople. Scholars have identified this statue with the one dedicated after a Persian victory and still surviving in the 8th century CE. The paper argues that not only do the two poems concern two different and separate objects, but also that just APl 63 could refer to a statue (and not necessarily the famous one accepted by most scholars), whereas APl 62 seems to allude to a smaller object belonging to the category of imperial luxury gifts.

22 Dicembre 2022
20 Maggio 2022
17 Gennaio 2022

Keywords: EpigramAnthologia PlanudeaBarberini ivoryImperial giftsJustinian I

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