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Correggere e tradurre la poesia: il caso del Parisinus Suppl. Gr. 388

Paola Carmela La Barbera    Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia, Italia    



The present work focuses on the peculiarity of the codex Parisinus Suppl. Gr. 388. This manuscript is marked by a 12th-century Latin translation, running above some Greek verses of Theognis’ Elegies and entirely above the poems by Pseudo-Phocylides’ Sentences and by Dionysius Periegetes’ Description of the Known World. Moreover, the translator reviewed the Greek poems too. Hence, in this study I will focus on the correction and translation of Theognis’ Elegies and Pseudo-Phocylides’ Sentences. Firstly, I will carry out a palaeographic analysis of the scholar’s writing. Secondly, I will scrutinize the Latin translation. Finally, I will analyse the corrections on Greek texts.

Keywords: Parisinus Suppl. Gr. 388. Interlinear Latin translation. Theognis. Pseudo-Phocylides. Correction. Glossaries.

Lingua: it

Presentato: 07 Agosto 2020   Accettato: 15 Ottobre 2020   Pubblicato: 21 Dicembre 2020  

permalink: http://doi.org/10.30687/Lexis/2724-1564/2020/02/014

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