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Langue française et arts du spectacle à Montréal : aperçu de deux parcours biographiques

Cristina Brancaglion    Università degli Studi di Milano, Italia    



In 2018 the biographies of two women who have shaped and animated the city's theatrical life since the 1930s were published in Montréal: one, Madame Jean-Louis Audet, dedicating herself to the training of actors through her diction courses, the other, Monique Miller, playing key roles in the Montreal and the international theatre scene. The paths of the two women are outlined in two volumes –  signed respectively by Muriel Gold and Pierre Audet –  rich in iconographic documents that allow to relive some important episodes of Québec's sociolinguistic and cultural history. The aim of this contribution is to highlight how the two writings can be useful sources for the study of some of the changes that marked the advent of the ‘Révolution tranquille’: the first signs of women's emancipation, the emergence of Québec's cultural production, the advent of television and its correlations with the other performing arts (theater, radio, cinema), the role of some actors in Québec's linguistic, ideological and artistic evolution

22 Dicembre 2020
18 Agosto 2020

Keywords: Madame AudettheaterdictionMonique MillerFrench language

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