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La chair linguistique des femmes

Quand le texte se fait corps et sexe

Fabiana Fianco    Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia, Italia    



At length stripped of any free and independent voice by male writers, Haitian and African novelists shattered the taboos surrounding sex and a liberated sexual expression during the second half of the 20th century. By exploring sexuality and sensuality in their work, these writers courageously managed to break free from the outskirts of society and reshape the inferior identity unjustly attributed to them by the literary canons. As there is a gap in in-depth research on this subject, our study aims to explore the different ways in which female sexuality is constructed on paper. The novels by Calixthe Beyala, Frieda Ekotto, Ken Bugul, Margaret Papillon, Yanick Lahens and Kettly Mars will allow us to focus on three themes often recurring in the female universe: violence, madness and prostitution. Particularly, the research will take into consideration the enunciative and discursive modalities, as well as the stylistic techniques that enabled these authors to enhance a strong female subjectivity through their bodies.

19 Dicembre 2019
11 Settembre 2019
21 Agosto 2019