Vol. 50 | Giugno 2014


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Pubblicato: 01 Dicembre 2014

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’Almog Behar e la letteratura mizrahi in Israele
Dario Miccoli   
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Exploring Jewish Memories from Libya
Piera Rossetto    Barbara Spadaro   
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Secular Education and Vocational Training as Sources of Emancipation and Modernization
Giorgia Foscarini   
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The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) Between 1983 and 1984
Francesco Saverio Leopardi   
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Per una nuova identità araba
Martina Censi   
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New Scenarios and Alternative Future for the China-India Disputed Border
Stefano Beggiora   
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Fantasies of Empowerment and Violence in the Writings of Yamamura Bochō
Pierantonio Zanotti   
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