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The Stravinsky’s Family. The Home as a Strategy of Life and Creation

Apartment on the Kryukov Canal: From an Apartment House to a Communal Apartment

Anastasia Kozachenko-Stravinsky    Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia, Italia    



The image of the Home is the topography of our innermost self, and the house is an instrument of analysis of the human soul. The things surrounding a person become like clots of relationships between people or geological strata, by which one can trace the change in ages, tastes, affections, and hobbies. Especially of interest is the analysis of the house as an ark of family traditions. Its evolution and transformation in material and geographical terms. The analysis of the toponymy of the Home space can provide insight into the structure of the daily life of a particular family – Stravinsky’s family. Comparing the Home of Stravinsky’s family will help to identify in which works the acquisition/movement/loss of home has manifested and in which works we can find a reflection or memory of the past.

21 Dicembre 2022
10 Novembre 2022

Keywords: Igor StravinskyHomeStravinsky’s familyThe Tupikov HouseCommunal apartmentsKommunalkaFyodor Stravinsky

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