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Immigrazione e salute mentale

Violenza, psicotraumatologia, politiche per la salute e tutela assistenziale

Marco Mazzetti    psichiatra, analista transazionale didatta, Milano - Area Sanitaria Caritas Roma, Società Italiana d    

Salvatore Geraci    Caritas Italiana    



This chapter discusses psychopathological issues related to migration with particular attention to the so-called “forced migrants”, migrants who are forced to flee their countries to save themselves due to violence. As a consequence, they are more at risk for mental health issues due to the lack of a migration project (which is a resilience factor in migrants) and to the psychotraumatic experiences they suffered. We will describe the psychopathological reactions in traumatized persons, the effect of re-traumatization they suffer in transit countries, the role of Post-Migration Living Difficulties occurring in Italy in worsening mental health of asylum seekers. Finally, we will discuss present difficulties of the Italian National Health Service to adequately cure them, and the indication given by the Italian National Guidelines to create services dedicated to these issues.

keywords: Asylum seekers. Refugees. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Psychotraumatology. Psychopathology.

Lingua: it

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