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La costruzione delle competenze regionali nella tutela del patrimonio bibliografico

Lorena Dal Poz    Ufficio valorizzazione beni librari, Regione del Veneto, Italia    



The essay focuses upon the issues and the evolution of protecting library materials by the Italian Regions since 1972, when the state law delegated to them this activity. The activities carried out by the regional authority had a positive outcome until 6 August 2015 when, through State law n. 125, the authority regarding the protection of library material returned to the central competence. As well as the printed bibliography, also sources from the regional archives and the direct experience of the author of this paper – Head of Regional Office of the Superintendent Book Heritage of the Veneto from 2006 – have been used. Successful examples since 2003 carried out by the Office activities to protect the library cultural heritage will also presented. The author aims at a close cooperation between the National office who has now taken the responsibility to take care of the library heritage material in Veneto and the regional Office in order to keep the knowledge and expertise developed by the latter throughout close collaboration with the institutions based on its territory.

27 Marzo 2018
30 Gennaio 2018

Keywords: Book heritageBook protectionCultural heritageCultural heritage legislationLibraries

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