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Capitolo | 4 Problemi comunicativi dovuti al linguaggio verbale

4 Problemi comunicativi dovuti al linguaggio verbale

The focus of the fourth chapter is on some potential intercultural communicative problems between Italians and South Slavs due to some aspects regarding verbal language. Specifically, our reflections are about voice volume, the talking speed, interruptions, the choice of topics and words, the text structure; as well as some specific sociolinguistic aspects, such as the way to express formality and informality with reference to the register and the use of titles to indicate or address someone. Referring to the above-mentioned aspects, the emphasis is laid in particular on those elements about which the choices of Italians and South Slavs might differ; consequently representing some potential sources of problems which could threaten the effectiveness of the interaction. Finally, a significant section of this chapter is dedicated to the analysis of some communicative moves whose ways and opportunities of realisation could vary considerably from culture to culture. Thus, it can cause differences which could lead to misunderstandings or arguments between the participants in a communicative exchange if those previously mentioned aspects are not adequately considered.

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Presentato: 28 Settembre 2016 | Lingua: it

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