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Opera Overture and Directorial Commentary: An (un)Happy Abuse?

Notes in the Margin of a Question by Osthoff

Fabio Dal Corobbo    Istituto Don Mazza, Verona, Italia    



The seventh and last question proposed by Wolfgang Osthoff in his essay on the art work and its performing process can be reformulated in this way: is it right to comment on stage instrumental opera pieces like the ouverture which originally did not involve a stage direction? Osthoff reasserted the clear distinction among sections that were entirely musical and sections that were dramatic-musical, being the opera proportions at risk. Nowadays, pondering about the whole opera theoretical structure, Osthoff seems to adopt a generalization that may be hard to support. Examining a few performances as a pattern of a reviewed interpretation on the basis of Alberto Bentivoglio’s devoted studies upon Giorgio Strehler’s work as a director, this paper suggests four kinds of solutions. For example, it shows that a priori prohibition to create either a stage commentary related to the mere musical sections such as the ouverture or for the others considered as not strictly musical parts does not actually exist.

Dec. 20, 2016
Aug. 19, 2016
July 8, 2016

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