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Journal issue | 40 | 107 | 2017
Research Article | Jorge Luis Borges and Anachronism

Jorge Luis Borges and Anachronism

In a short story of Ficciones, Borges presents Pierre Menard, the author of a modern version of Don Quixote. A plagiarism or a deliberate paradoxical anachronism, that questions the whole history of literature through erroneous attributions. It is not an isolated case, as Borges uses the idea of plagiarism in another text: the Chronicles of Bustos Domecq, written with Bioy Casares, where the bold César Paladión seeks fame by publishing, at his expense, works manifestly written by others.

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Submitted: Dec. 21, 2016 | Published: June 29, 2017 | Language: it

Keywords Attributions Anachronism Paradox Don Quixote Plagiarism

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