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Haitian Literature in Italy: Diffusion, Reception and Issues (2004-20)

Alba Pessini    Università di Parma, Italia    



Centered on the dissemination and legitimisation of Haitian literature in Italy, this article will provide a provisional state of the art of Haitian literature in the peninsula. The Italian case deserves particular attention as Italian universities took an early interest in Francophone literatures by promoting the creation of specific PhD programs, academic positions, and specialised journals. For our analysis, we will take as a starting point studies that have already addressed the issue – like Alessandro Costantini’s “Per un’introduzione alla letteratura haitiana: le opere tradotte in italiano” (2004) – and will try to understand the reasons why critics, in recent years, have been neglecting the subject, given that a systematic investigation has not been conducted since 2004. The legitimisation of Haitian literature in Italy occurs in various ways. We will take into account the different entities that contribute to its dissemination, like publishing houses, cultural and academic centers, journals, websites, etc. We will then focus on criticism in its broadest sense and will finally examine the critical productions published in Italian journals in order to detect the aesthetic orientations specific to the Haitian literary field.

Dec. 19, 2022
Aug. 28, 2022
June 17, 2022

Keywords: Haitian literatureReception of Haitian literatureFrancophonieLiterary journalsItalian translations

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