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Research Article | Pamukçu Dossier

Pamukçu Dossier


In 209 BC, by means of a letter/πρόσταγμα – found in Pamukçu, in the ancient Mysia – sent to Zeuxis, ruler of Cistauric Asia, Antiochus III appointed Nicanor (the chamberlain and one of the Philoi) great priest of the sanctuaries beyond the Taurus, as requested, and person in charge of the sanctuaries according to the model of Dion’s appointment in Antiochus II’s day.

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Submitted: Aug. 30, 2016 | Accepted: Sept. 14, 2016 | Published June 26, 2017 | Language: it

Keywords CiambellanoNicanoreGovernatoreMisiaPreposto ai santuLettera/prostagmaGrande sacerdoteSatrapie SuperioriAmiciTauroAsia Minore CistauricaZeuxiAntioco IIIPamukçuDafne

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