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Rivista di Studi comparati
Topic: Literatures  

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Aims & Scope
A journal that arises in a completely original way than other publications and supplements dedicated to the Immaginifico and considers the figure of Gabriele d’Annunzio as an eponymous sample of an interdisciplinary and multicultural vision, as suggested by the subtitle Journal of Comparative Studies. The personality of the poet who lived between naturalism and decadence, reflecting the movements of the fin de siècle crisis, marks the fields of literature, arts, music, film, political action and that of the history of habits and taste. It also find its ways of expression both in prose and poetry, theatre and research prose. The first section, «Officina dannunziana» presents this figure with its lights and shadows, the second section, «Civiltà dannunziana» is dedicated to other characters who, in various artistic forms, continued their work following the poet’s heels, creating a humanistic comparison which covers a large and culturally significant period of time.
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