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Di un amico avverso

Gianni Oliva    Università degli Studi «G. D’Annunzio» Chieti-Pescara, Italia    



D’Annunzio and De Lollis (both born in 1863 and in the same region) present, in their cultural journey, moments of contact and collaboration, especially in the early years, and contrasts and oppositions, mainly due to different artistic choices and general attitude that led De Lollis to strongly criticise the Poet. From the initial common collaborations with Roman newspapers, we arrive at the moment in which De Lollis moves against d’Annunzio’s art, which was no longer based on solid ethical principles as in the Carduccian lesson but was seen as a superficial and soul-less art, in the triumph of rhetoric. The decisive difference was revealed at the time Italy entered the war, when De Lollis openly criticised d'Annunzio’s position as soon as he returned from France.

Nov. 20, 2018
May 25, 2018
April 2, 2018

Keywords: Prima guerra mondialeDe LollisD’AnnunzioPoetryRhetoric

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