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Arms and Armour in Ancient and Medieval Tibetan Literature

A Lexicographical Approach

Petra Maurer    Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, München    



This article presents Tibetan terms and expressions for arms and armour originating in Tibetan sources as per research conducted for the Wörterbuch der Tibetischen Schriftsprache, a dictionary database that includes sources ranging from the eight to the nineteenth centuries. This survey shows that Tibetan literature bears testimony to the existence of a broad variety of arms and armour in Tibet, which are mentioned in various contexts: Bon or Buddhist sources, historiographical or mythical accounts. By tracing these terms’ etymological origins and focusing on the actual use of weapons, we may gain a clearer understanding of the origin, use, and value of arms and armour in Tibetan culture.

Dec. 10, 2021
March 25, 2021
Nov. 9, 2020

Keywords: SlingshotBow and arrowTibetan historyWeaponIron hookHelmetArmourSpearSwordTibetan dictionaryPikeLasso

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