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Lettere e raccolte epistolari di Girolamo Aliotti († 1480)

Pratiche discorsive e strategie sociali di un monaco umanista

Cécile Caby    Université de Lyon, France    



This paper is based on an inquiry about Girolamo Aliotti’s letters and epistolary collections, especially his most complete manuscript collection actually preserved (Arezzo, Biblioteca Civica, MS. 400). It deals with epistolary creation and circulation as one of the most accomplished expressions of the cultural movement we refer to as humanism, not only in well known and influent circles but also in marginal literary networks, involving notaries, physicians, school teachers but also secular and regular clerics. By way of singular missives written by Aliotti for himself or for others (aliorum nomine), as well as their distant resonance ensured by epistolary collections, a whole constellation of Aliotti’s correspondents, bearers, patrons and friends comes to life before the reader's eyes, outlining the various ways of his social and literary insertion but also his strategies of memory and self-representation.


Keywords: HumanismAutobiographyEpistolographyMonastic studiesArezzoTuscany

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