L’epistolario e lo scrittoio del poeta

I Carmina di Filelfo e la lettera ad Alberto Parisi (Epist. 24.1)

Veronica Dadà    Università degli Studi di Pisa, Italia    



This paper examines the connections between Francesco Filelfo’s Epistolarum libri and his Carmina from two different points of view. On the one hand, some letters disclose a link with the composition and the transmission of this poetical collection: they reveal the tripartite process that goes from the writing of single odes with autonomous circulation, to the composition of the whole collection, with the choice of the title and the dedicatee, to the subsequent diffusion of the work outside Milan, especially in Venice, Florence and Rome. On the other hand, the erudite letters present important reflections on grammatical, linguistic and metric issues which can be directly correlated with Filelfo’s lyrical verses: the specific case of Epist. 24.1 to Alberto Parisi, that contains Filelfo’s polemical answer to Galeotto Marzio’s invectives against the Sphortias and can be regarded as a ‘treatise’ of prosody and metrics, reveals a number of links between the theoretical principles claimed in the letter and the metrical forms adopted by the author in his Carmina. An important example is the defence of the prosody of Ticinus, which creates a particular connection between the letter and Filelfo’s overall poetic Latin work, with an intertextual perspective.


Keywords: MetricsEpistolarum libriIntertextualityInvectivesProsodyCarminaLyric collection, circulationAuthorial variantsErudite letters

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