Disclosing Collections

Studies, Catalogues and Data in the Arts and the Humanities
     topic: archive­keeping, bibliography, paleography  
Aims & Scope

Inspired by the process of scientific analysis and contextual public disclosure of collected materials in the wider Humanities, this academic book series aims at setting a new standard in producing catalogues, inventories, indexes, collection displays, data sets, and item lists. The series is grounded on the idea of both mapping and disclosing unprecedented territories, which are then left with infrastructures that allow them to be available to the research community and the wider public. In this sense, the series intends to go beyond traditional concepts such as the ‘catalogue raisonné’ or full inventory lists, rather trying to present publications in print and digital form that cut across a given collection of items and thus highlight categorisations, interconnections, and relevance attribution. Of particular importance is the methodology applied to the production of the finalised publication, which takes into account recent interdisciplinary stances, modes of research and forms of presentation prompted by scholars in the Digital and Public Humanities, particularly the development and importance gained by relational databases. The scope of the series embraces the entire array of the Humanities: from Textual Scholarship to History, from Art History to Cultural Heritage, from Archaeology to Archival Studies. A distinctive feature of the series is its institutional interconnectedness, since publications are each the unique product of intense and planned collaboration with specific museums, libraries, collections, archives, estates, excavations, field works, and research institutions.

Other books in the series

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