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Julio Cortázar y Roger Caillois

De la colaboración amistosa a la discrepancia estética y poética


Jérôme Dulou    Université Paris Sorbonne, France    


French editor and writer Roger Caillois played a fundamental role in the translation and the publication of Julio Cortázar’s stories and novels in France. They collaborated in a friendly way on several occasions. A reading of Cortázar’s letters to his friends describing his relationship with Caillois reveals important discrepancies, however. Their disagreements culminated in the expression of indignation and slightly disdainful jokes that can be read in extensive extracts from the letters. These differences also led to publishing problems and even fundamental clashes on certain issues typical of their respective aesthetics and poetics (language and reality, style and poetry, fanciful and playful) and in the ways they conceived their careers.

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keywords: Julio Cortázar. Roger Caillois. Letters. Aesthetics. Poetic. 

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