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Imaginações do Brasil


Iara Beleli    Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Brasil    


The aim of this paper is to propose a reflection on people’s ideas of Brazil and Brazilians when they cross international borders. Taking into account the various categories of differentiation – gender, race/color/ethnicity, sexuality, nationality – the analysis focuses on the narratives of Brazilian ‘immigrants’ in Lisbon who are not involved in bodily activities, in dialogue with photos/texts offered in Portuguese media that describe/prescribe the ways of being national. The strategies of interaction of this group with the locals pass through the deconstruction of the image of sensuality. These strategies can be understood as an alternative to the representations circulating in the media that depict a lifestyle – body language, and modes of speaking and dressing – while also (re)creating and disseminating Brazilian stereotypes at the same time.

Language: it

keywords: Difference. Sensuality. Imaginations about Brazil.

permalink: doi.org/10.14277/6969-112-6/DSP-6-4

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