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Entre o ‘amor’ e a ‘ajuda’

Experiências amoroso-sexuais de migrantes brasileiras na Espanha em tempos de crise


Adriana Piscitelli    Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Brasil    


In this article, I consider how feelings, ‘convenience’ and ‘interests’ interpenetrate in the sexual/romantic experiences of Brazilian female migrants in Spain who formed relationships with men from this country. I also consider the debate on transnational marriage and sex markets based on ethnographic studies conducted in Barcelona, Granada and Antequera between 2009 and 2015. Citing the stories of 15 women whose heterogeneity evokes the heterogeneity of Brazilian migrants in Spain, I argue that those ‘interests’, interpenetrating with diverse styles of affection, do not make these relationships particularly insecure. These interpenetrations lead us to deem notions that are relevant in the transnational marriage discussion as being problematical, allowing us to perceive that in the migratory context we find reconfigurations of the web of interests, sex and affection that also exist in these migrants’ places of origin in Brazil. This is particularly evident in the stories of working class women from small towns with comparatively less schooling. In the first sections of the article, I consider the debate on marriage as an open door for migration and the academic literature on the transnationalization of affections. Then I describe my area of research and analyze the notions of interest, sex and affection as related by my interviewees. I finally consider how these notions lead us to consider problematical the debate on transnational marriages. 

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keywords: Gender. Migration. Brazil. Prostitution. Marriages.

permalink: doi.org/10.14277/6969-112-6/DSP-6-3

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