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Vittorio Sereni: Viaggi, ritorni, agnizioni​


Cecilia Gibellini    Università degli Studi di Verona, Italia    


Although describing himself as a ‘bad visitor’, Vittorio Sereni attributes a great importance to places, as we can see both in his poetry and prose. When he visits some places, Sereni starts an imaginative process in which he mingles images, visions, fantasies, dreams and memories, and especially literary reminiscences. Literary reminiscence starts an epiphany which deeply changes the poet’s perception of places. At last, in Vittorio Sereni’s work, travel often means a return to places belonging to the past, such as Sicily (where the poet was captured by the Allies in 1943, during the second World War), or as Luino, his native place. The poet’s return to his native places can be considered as a return to himself, and has a gnoseological importance.

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keywords: Vittorio Sereni. XXth century italian poetry. Travel writing.

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