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Raccontar fole

La Sardegna esotica dei viaggiatori tra Sette e Ottocento riletta da Sergio Atzeni


Giuliana Benvenuti    Università di Bologna, Italia    


In Raccontar fole Atzeni comments the representation of Sardinia given by travellers in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, within a postcolonial perspective. In this text, the Sardinian population is considered uncivilized, ‘primitive’, and ‘savage’. Atzeni, however, enriches the postcolonial perspective by questioning the relationship between place, memory and history. Raccontar fole shows us how it is impossible to separate history from legends and myths. It shows us that telling the story of the subaltern means questioning the historicism of Hegelian and Marxist tradition as well as the positivist historiography.

Lingua: it

keywords: Atzeni. Travel Literature. Italian Postcolonial Literature.

permalink: doi.org/10.14277/6969-053-2/DIA-4-8

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