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Research Article

Teoría en tránsito: to exhume is to snatch from the dust

Marcela Croce    Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina    



The purpose of Teoría en tránsito by Max Hidalgo Nácher is to recompose the last half a century of Spanish Literary Theory and Criticism by scrutinizing the available archives. Based on this task, accomplished within the framework of the Argentine collection that investigates the same issues for the Río de la Plata, the author seeks to refute the hypothesis about the continuity of Francoism in the peninsular theoretical production. The vindication of the essay is another of the strategies used to disrupt the predominance of the treaty that, protected by an alleged rigor, led to affirm preconceptions and false continuities.

June 30, 2023
Feb. 22, 2023

Keywords: ExhumationComparative MorphologyLiterary TheoryLiterary CriticismArchive

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