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Journal issue | 46 | 119 | 2023
Research Article | “Poetry must be read aloud”: the audio archives of Antonio Gala

“Poetry must be read aloud”: the audio archives of Antonio Gala

This paper presents the figure of the Spanish writer Antonio Gala in his most unknown facet: as a poet. In doing so, we will focus on the research carried out within the “Phonodia” group of the Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia. This research consists of the description and analysis of the corpus of recorded poems by Antonio Gala, which add up to a total of eighty-four and are found in three audio publications: Testamento andaluz (1985), De viva voz (1997), and Miró a mi corazón (2014) – the last one in collaboration with the composer Rubén Jordán. With all this, not only the importance of Antonio Gala as a contemporary poet will be proven, but also the relevance of his poems in the framework of the relationship between the voice and poetry through sound files.

Open access | Peer reviewed

Submitted: Oct. 4, 2022 | Accepted: Jan. 17, 2023 | Published: June 30, 2023 | Language: es

Keywords Recordings Poems Voice Antonio Gala Phonodia Sound files

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