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Architecture and Decorative Arts in the Service of Italian National Education

About Castello del Valentino in Turin

Elena Dellapiana    -    



The paper aims to describe the process that links architecture and decorative arts with an educational role in Italy before and after the country’s unity. The considered case study is Turin, the city where both the politic way for the Italian unity and the industrial development begin. Here, from 1829, a series of exhibitions focused on industrial products take place, located at the Valentino Castle, a former royal residence that became, after the exhibition episodes the venue of Turin Polytechnic school. The mission of almost all the exhibitions, better and better specified, is to educate to the good taste all the social groups, involved in the economical, political and cultural development. The media is a mix of industrial product, artefacts and masterpieces to outline a shared idea of national identity.

July 15, 2013
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