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Cincinnato Baruzzi’s Nerina

From the Line to the Form

Antonella Mampieri    



This short essai is about the creation of «Nerina», one of the most celebrated statues by the neoclassic sculptor Cincinnato Baruzzi, a pupil of Antonio Canova. The maquette of this sculpture is depicted by the famous Russian portraitist Karl Brjullov in the background of his «Portrait of Cincinnato Baruzzi», as a sort of memory of one of his latest and more promising artworks. The statue, made for count Carlo Bertalazzone D’Arache of Turin, is at present dispersed and only documented by descriptions and drawings. As many of Baruzzi’s works, it was inspired by a poem, this time by his contemporary Francesco Gianni.

July 15, 2013
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