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Journal issue | 7 | 2 | 2023
Research Article | Pronouncement for the Eleans

Pronouncement for the Eleans

The ϝράτρα for the Eleians, like the others of its kind, is an oracle of the Olympian Zeus. In this particular case, the god orders that the foreigner – and secretary – Patrias must be treated as an Eleian if he is the victim of a curse. The prominence of the Eleians in the established judicial procedure and the use of whipping as a punishment suggest to locate the crime to be punished and the procedure itself (which also demonstrates a certain ‘Panhellenic’ capacity of the Eleians) in the sanctuary of Olympia. Furthermore, a closer examination of the space available on the tablet suggests a new integration of the lacuna at the beginning of line 9.

Open access | Peer reviewed

Submitted: Aug. 30, 2023 | Accepted: Nov. 20, 2023 | Published March 15, 2024 | Language: it

Keywords Oracolo di ZeusMaledizioneRhetraEllanodicaDamiurghiaOracle of ZeusTelos (office)PatriasCurseReOlympiaEleiansKingsEleiOlimpiaTelos (carica)

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